Fairy garden

fairyworldA glimpse of my Fairy garden. I am making this in answer on a crochet along by http://madcrochetlab.com/mad-cal-fairy-theme/.

The first week,  everybody was bissy with making trees, logs and other forest and garden ornaments. The three bears were showing off and are always in the way when I want to take pictures. luckily they were on a trip to another room, so I could make this picture.. The fairy garden is situated in an old plastic container, that’s why the scene is a bit fuzzy. Greeting Elzeblaadje


4 thoughts on “Fairy garden

  1. Teeni

    WOW! Your tree is fantastic! Love the face on it! Thanks so much for linking to me so I could see it! Would you mind if I shared your link with my facebook page and on my blog?

  2. Erika

    Ik vind je boom super, door het gezichtje doet het me denken aan een ent, door de gekleurde bollen is het echt sprookjes achtig. Erg mooi.


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