To knit

KnittingI like to knit, so there is always something to knit at my side table.For now it is a col. I just want it to be finished, because it is very cold outside these days. I remember the first time knitting. It was at school. We get iron needles, worn with rust and stiff. The yarn was red cotton. Knitting was very difficult and laborious. All the girls already had learned to knit, except me. I hated crafting that year, but all went well, I have learned to knit and crochet and more, so you can see. Greetings, Elzeblaadje

3 thoughts on “To knit

  1. elzeblaadje Post author

    @Erika, de col is inmiddels klaar en goedgekeurd, heerlijk voor bij het werken in de tuin, valt mijn sjaal niet elke keer af.


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