Fairy ring

fairyringLast days, i was busy with the fairy ring. 6 Mushrooms had to be made and they had te be very small. It was a challenge, making such small mushrooms. Each one is also different from the other, some are flat, some are hollow, some are thick, some have a nice cap. On the photo the sixth is missing, it was still on the table and in progress, but now the ring is complete. It was also a challenge how the ornament would fit in the meadow. Each time they flipped to al sides, but thanks to Ellen I found a way.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


5 thoughts on “Fairy ring

  1. Ellen

    Beautiful, those silver mushroomcaps in the golden grass!!! Very chique!
    Blij dat het trucje gelukt is 🙂

  2. elzeblaadje Post author

    @Ellen, je bracht me op een idee en dat werkte. Ik had geen schuimrubber om er onder te leggen en oase geeft overal groen op af, dus werd het ijzerdraad met de piefjes omhoog.


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