popjeA year or so ago I wanted to make a little doll and I chose the mini-spirit pattern of byhookbyhand. First I made a translation of the pattern in dutch  and secondly I started to crochet the head, body and legs. And then some other things came along and I forget about the doll. But as it happens, my workbasket was full of stuff and needed some cleaning, so the doll and his terrible legs came into sight. Carefully I did all the doll things in a bag and made a notice in my brain ” finish it”, And as it happens the time was there and I started to finish the little guy. Now she has arms and the neck is sewed together, for she had a wobble head. Tomorrow I will finish the doll, give her a dress and hair and ears and eyes . I hope she will become a cute dollie.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


2 thoughts on “Dollie

  1. aandacht8

    🙂 fijn hoor dat ze alle ledematen heeft die ze nodig is.
    Ben erg benieuwd naar haar kleren.
    🙂 kom dus weer kijken.


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