The green dragon

minidraak2My green dragon was finished before the fairy garden came along. He was one of my u.f.o’s (unfinished object). I Think it was for a very long time in my basket, wrapped in a plastic bag lay an unfinished green body, with no limbs and no wings . But After christmas, with the christmas decorations done and in the christmas tree, another crochet project, it occurred to my that I had to do something with my u.f.o projects and so I took the green cotton yarn in my hand, and finished my little dragon. It was just fun to do so. It is not my own design, the little dragon fellow is al over the internet, made by many hookers.

Why I put the dragon online, it is especially for my friend, that liked and feels dragons all over in this world although they live in their own world. My dragon has met his mate, the little golden dragon and they are nesting together in a carton box, waiting for the eggs to hatch.

Greeting, Elzeblaadje


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