Unicorn and maiden

unicorn and maidenThe fairy garden completed, I am in search of a new project. I want to make a fantasy world of amigurumi figures, Maybe make little stories with the dolls and animals, or little video’s. But t has to wait a little bit, because I have still projects going on or not finished. Still a few weeks to go and time is on my side, my diary is becoming a bit empty in june.  But first I want to make a new tableau in my container. So I put all the objects and figures in a carton box. Only the tree and fairy ring remained. It occurred to my that my unicorn was in search of a maiden. And it was not difficult to find one in my carton box. Isn’t she lovely, touching the nose of the unicorn. Maybe I can make a little story around these two. But for now I am sleepy.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


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