New project — b

New Project

New project

I started this week a new project. project B. It begun with a picture in a magazine of two dollies. I liked the picture and my first thought was, can they be made by me in crochet. An hour later I was working with hook and yarn and the first dollie was made. Not in an hour or so, but within two/three days for I am crocheting not all day. The arms are the most difficult part of the doll. First of all , I had never made hands and I had to find a tutorial for them. Secondly, the arms are not many stitches, what I find difficult to work with, but a smaller hook did the trick. The doll isn’t finished yet, I still have some other projects to be finished. I have now to many projects on my working table. I keep you informed over the progress of project A and B.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

2 thoughts on “New project — b

  1. Ellen

    I find hands and fingers, or toes, difficult too! Yours seem to be alright.
    I’m curious to see what kind of character this dolly will get from you. Will you also be making the second doll of the picture?

    1. elzeblaadje Post author

      I have written what I have done down, so I can repaeat the doll. I have chosen an easy method and uses a smaller hook for the first part of the arm, that does the trick 🙂


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