Skull shawl Well, my terrarium is on his way and looking good, later more over this project. But meanwhile I am crocheting something completely different. Namely a skullshawl. I like to do some easy crocheting while I watch tv and so, and Ellen my sister-in-law attended my on the skull shawl. So now I am crocheting skulls. But it is a difficult pattern, Ik have already started three times over again. And I have made somewhere a big mistake. But that doesn’t matter, it is nice to do. On the picture my first attempt.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


4 thoughts on “Skulls

  1. Ellen

    Your first attempt looks good so far! Shame you had to frog. I have done the same, I made a mistake and decided to frog, because it looked weird. Try to keep track of your rounds and once a round is done, check if you’ve done it without mistakes. That way it’s not so bad to do a bit again 🙂

    I’m at my second shawl now, in purple. Just made the teeth for the fifth row of skulls!

    1. elzeblaadje Post author

      You’re goinig fast. I have found the mistakes, but to undone this I have to make the shawl all over again, and that should be a pity, for I have already a row of 4 skulls.

      1. Ellen

        You learn from your mistakes 🙂 And with any luck, it doesn’t show that much when the shawl is finished!

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