Blue pouch


This week I was very busy with my crochet. Making a little pouch for my friend inspired me to crochet all kinds of pouches and bags. It is a nice thing to do and not so difficult. This blue and grey pouch with leaves is about 12 cm high. It is a nice thing to hold some dice or ornaments or beads. It is the first I made and I like it. The pattern is very easy. Start wit a magic circle and crochet 6 crochet stitches, increase diffusely each round 6 stitches  till you have a nice circular floor, than stop increasing stitches and go upward. When the expected height is  reached, make some holes, crochet a bit  more rounds and finish with the second color. Put a cord through the holes and your pouch is ready.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

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