Red pouch


I also made a red pouch. This one is slightly different from the blue one. I like the coral red color very much! No leaves were made because the pouch was destined for my son. He wanted to fill the pouch with his dice collection. You can fill it with all kind of stuff, I Think. It will be a nice present to make for someone’s birthday.

For this pouch you start the same as in the blue one. Make a nice floor. Make an edge by putting the hook in the backward loop and in the loop direct under the backward loop. Continue with single crochet rounds, increase in every  second or third round 6 stitches, till the sides are broad enough. Crochet  single crochet rounds till the height of the side’s is sufficient high and next decrease every second or third round 6 stitches. Make a round with holes, crochet 4 rounds straight and finish it off.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


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