Old projects


Today, a windy Sunday in the Netherlands, I was checking my boxes with Yarn and other stuff.

I needed a piece of cotton to finish an old project.  I was surprised, so many pieces of fabrics and leftovers from other projects were there in the boxes. I am ashamed how often I start with something new and how often it is overtaken by a new project. So my plans are to finish some of the old projects and when I have an idea for something new, I write it down and don’t start it immediately. But I have the idea this will be very difficult to do.

In the picture one of my old projects, still waiting on a needle and time tot finish it.

Greeting Elzeblaadje


6 thoughts on “Old projects

  1. Ellen

    You’re absolutely certainly not the only one with WIPs galore!! My guess is everyone who is “hooked” has boxes like yours 😀

  2. elzeblaadje Post author

    Hi Ellen, Some projects are very old, I am now working on a granny square project, that you can call vintage ;). I will soon blog about this.

  3. Ellen

    You’ve been crocheting and knitting for a long time, much longer than I have. So you’re bound to have a lot of “old” projects. And granny squares are having a second coming, if they’ve ever been away 🙂
    Looking forward to your vintage project!

    1. elzeblaadje Post author

      You are right, I have knitted and crocheted all my life and made so many things. I is very sad that from most projects no pictures are preserved. But not many very old projects have survived, I am thinking that some of them deserve a second life.

  4. carinascrafts

    Find comfort that many of us feel like you. So glad I am not the only one that has to act on every idea that pop’s into my head – good idea let’s write them down for ‘later’. Best wishes, Carina

  5. elzeblaadje Post author

    Rambling through my leftover fabrics, I got many ideas, some fabrics are very nice to assimilate in wonderful things, but my time is also limited, so I have to stop getting ideas. Tomorrow i go search for a booklet to write my ideas down. Have a nice day Carina


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