Mezzaluna shawl

mlunashawlJPGMy newest project is the mezzaluna wrap. But it is not going very well. First I didn’t understand the pattern and made many a mistake. Second. my hook was to small and the wrap became very tight an so I decided to pull out my work. Third, the yarn became knotted and it was terrible to unravel the knot. So I started all over again with a bigger hook, but now i find my work to small, I am on row 14 and it counts only 18 rows and it it to small to wrap around my neck. I am thinking again to undo my work and start over with a different yarn, but I dislike such things very much for I have already so many hours crocheted on the wrap. The shawl looked very nice on the pictures, but I am very disappointed.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


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