First attempt to make a Baneling


Making amigurumi is an art. This is my first attempt to make a Baneling. A Baneling is a figurine from the game Starcraft. The first one I made is not so bad as it looks, He is a bit small for an exploding ant. But he looks alright to me. But i am no gamer, so I am also no expert on gaming figurines. My source are some terrible pictures of the being. By looking carefully I make a picture in my head that I models to an amigurumi. But some details are not always easy to make. The big green Balloons are poison sacs. The Baneling got several of them and one very big sac on the end of his body. It will explode in the vicinity of an enemy. I have written the pattern down, so you can make also a baneling, but before putting it onto my blog I made a second Baneling, that one looks much better.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



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