I am fascinated by the feegles of Discworld! So they begun to pop up from my working basket. first a male one, with beard and orange hair, Then a clan-mother, the Kelda, also with orange hair, Then a little baby-feegle and so on. It is lots of fun making them appear. They are a kind of pictsies, very small and very naughty and they are blue. Aren’t they adorable? I like the Feegles very much and I thank my Sister in Law for making me acquainted with these little fellows, I have not made photo’s of them all, so with a little patience, soon I will show the whole family, for now only the Kelda and her brother are shown.


Greetings Elzeblaadjefeegle2

2 thoughts on “Feegleland

  1. aandacht8

    Ik vind ze heel mooi geworden, het blauwe spreekt me aan.
    🙂 Fijn dat ik weer kan reageren en niet meer alleen hoef te klikken van vind ik leuk


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