Cthulhu project

cthuhlu3I am very busy with my Cthulhu project. With some other ladies that like to crochet, we are making Cthulhu items. That can be an household object or an cross-over or something very different, but wit a cthulhu smile on it. It doesn’t matter as long you like your project. First of all, I made a mini Thulhu or an amigurumi cthulhu. Not that these weren’t made already, but more to make us a nice picture for our Cthulhu project page. The next Cthulhu step was something different, something more appealing.  I came up with a handbag!  I made a quick drawing and i liked the idea so much, that I could not wait en began as quick as possible>. But first  I had to gather the yarn. A bag will cost more than one skein for it is a big item. Well that was not a problem, the local shop had just the color green I needed. And so it begun the start of the crazy cthulhu crochet handbag.

To be continued, Elzeblaadje


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