Cthulhu Handbag

bottomAlthough the bag is finished, I am taking you back to the start of the Cthulhu handbag. For the challenge I made this nice piece. It took a few hours to make the bottom. In my mind I saw the ancient God Cthulhu rising from the waters of the sea. It was sunset and the sea colored red, the red of blood and fear, for this God Is an awesome God. Around the God the seawater curls and boils, so I had to make the waves that splash around the God. I made two kind of waves, One three dimensional, with a very simple  crochet pattern and one in jacquard. On the picture you can see the extra rim that I made at the bottom on which the waves are crocheted and the start of the jacquard waves.

To be continued:

Greetings Elzeblaadje

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