Buurman Mat

Mat_headWell the cap belonged to neighbor Mat. One of the projects I am working on. There are two neighbors and they work together, doing jobs. They are a bit clumsy and things aren’t going easy on them. You can find  video clips of the two neigbors if you search for Pat & Mat. There slogan is A je to! It is done.

A month or three ago I saw a nice picture of the two clumsy man and I was tempted to make them as dolls. There are already several patterns of the two, but I wasn’t satisfied with those patterns. So I decided to make my own Pat & Mat. Making was done in a few days but then I had some other things going on, so the project became forgotten. Now it is vacation time and I remembered my project. it wasn’t easy to came in the flow again, but I succeeded this time and now the two of them are standing on my table. Mat looks a bit confused, on the photograph. But he is sweet as a bee. I hope you like him as much as I do.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


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