Sometimes the life of a craftster isn’t easy, So the past days were horrible. For the things I wanted to do came out all wrong and twisted. I wished I could forget these days but the result is an awesome doll, that surprisedly came out better than I thought. Maybe i was to focused on an good result, maybe I was tired or maybe I hadn’t my day of luck.

But it set me thinking of dolls and the yarn we use for them. So I ordered some woollies to test a doll pattern and how it shows using different mixes of wool, cotton and acrylic. In the books, most authors and designers work with wool or a mix with wool, but those yarns are in Europe not available or very expensive. I also like to work in cotton. I made nice dolls using cotton. So I think it will be all about what you prefer and not what is the best.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


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