Nice to knit

knitIt is nice to knit again. I was forgotten how  knitting helps to keep the stress away. It is a peaceful activity and it is also very nice to see the stitches grow and grow till a little garment has formed. For I knit little pieces of clothing for a doll. And I like what I am doing, it gives me lots of inspiration. The doll will  get a whole wardrobe full of little costumes to wear .

Knitting is nice, and it is a challenge to knit each costume and not crochet it. Although I made some parts and pieces in crochet. For some things are better done in crochet and others better in knitting.

I think you are all very curious what keeps me away from crochet, but you have to be patient, there are still a lots of threads to clean away, seams to sew, buttons to sew on and so on. I am also still working on a small but necessary garment piece. And there have to be some shoes or socks. So I hope you don’t mind, I have nothing to show you right now. But I am still working the needles and hook.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


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