A lovely doll

tpop1The woolen doll turned into a lovely doll. I finished her last week and gave her as present to a niece. When finishingoutfit1 the doll I was out of inspiration for some clothes, so I asked the mother of my niece if she had a fashion design from my niece. Fashion drawings are very popular between the girls now a day. My sister in law liked the idea and send my a photograph of a very complicated fashion design made by her daughter. It was a challenge to knit the design, I thought. But I have a lot of stash and so I found a yarn that matched the rainbow colored skirt. The yarn I used was Katia Jaipur.  The skirt was knitted with needles 2,5. The top was made with Catania fine natural. The doll has a knitted wig. First I made a model with knitting needles 4, It took knitting two models before i was satisfied with the result. Knitting fluffy yarn is very difficult, because you can’t see the stitches very good. But it succeeded very well. The girdle of the skirt is a velvet band closed with Velcro.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


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