A lovely doll 2

popje2I had much time on my hand, so I made two outfit2outfits for the doll with the black hair. The second outfit was also pictured by my niece, The sweater is made in two colors, neon green and baby blue, with brown borders. On the sweater is a word embroidered in silver. with a little heart in stead of the O. The trousers are made from a multicolored yarn. The belt is a bit of brown elastic wit a silver button. Under the sweater is a little white bra. The shoes are crocheted and have little heels. The chain around the neck is also a piece of silver yarn wit a silvery bead. The outfit is almost the same as the drawing, the differences are all due to the fact that not everything is possible in yarn and not everything is in my stash or easy to realize. The yarn I used this time was Catania cotton fine.

My Niece was very surprised by the doll and the clothes. She recognized her drawing immediately. For me It was fun to do.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



3 thoughts on “A lovely doll 2

  1. Ellen

    I’ve seen this doll in real life and it and the outfits are gorgeous!!
    I know you’ve made a certain other doll as well, with outfits 😉 Looking forward to posts about how he came to be with your research and all :*


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