Special doll 1

davidBpop1Somebody very dear to me asked me, some time ago, to knit a doll she had seen in a book. It was the David Bowie doll in the Knitted Toons Book of Carol Meldrum. Because I like knitting and because I like a challenge I made a doll for her. The doll itself was easy to knit and very simple, I made first a test doll of cotton  I had in my stash, that turned out to be a nice doll, but she had not the right color skin and hair so  I ordered some yarn. After arriving the doll was fast knitted. But he turned out to be a bit bulky, I had adjusted the pattern a bit for the Bowie doll, for the test doll was to feminine. In the meanwhile I had studied some Bowie pictures and found a very nice knitted costume. I liked it so much that I knitted it right away. It is of course not the same but it gives an impression of the costume. In the picture the first glimpse of the doll in the costume I knitted. The doll is not yet finished as you can see.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


4 thoughts on “Special doll 1

      1. Ellen

        He sure is!!
        But he’s always been a Pretty Thing 😉
        I’ve changed him into the Rebel Rebel outfit (LOVE it!!) And he is awaiting his guitar. I’ll probably make him some high shiny red boots too to go with it 🙂

  1. elzeblaadje Post author

    Well that will look fantastic. The rebel outfit is also very nice.and with guitar complete. We make the visitors curious about part 2 of the story of this doll.


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