Special doll 2

dbpop5In the Icons book the doll was dressed in a costume made from felt. It was a nice costume but I found it a challenge to knit the costume. On the picture the result. The sleeves are actually arm pieces, so the doll can wear the jacket without them. He looks very cool in it that way.

The  trousers and Jacket are knitted with Catania fine, and the ribbons are crocheted on the fabric. It gives a 3 -dimensional effect.

In this phase of making the doll ,I also made the wig. First I knitted from some thick yarn a model. I wanted to make  whiskers and a neck piece in it. The second time knitting the model, it turned out to be right. I made the wig in garter stitch with Brazilia SMC. The original pattern had no ears, knitting turned out to be difficult so I crocheted them eventually.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

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