Lost Souls Skull Shawl 2

LSskullshawl2The finished shawl! 🙂

Greetings Elzeblaadje



8 thoughts on “Lost Souls Skull Shawl 2

  1. Maryetta

    I forgot to thank you in my last comment for finding the error in the Dutch translation Alice 😀 Awesome stitching by the way

  2. Yetta

    Do you have a video for this shawl design? i find it easier to follow the video then what is written. I love the shawl.

    1. Alice Post author

      Hallo yetta, The shawl is not mine design but Maryetta’s. You can find her design on ravelry, maybe there is a video made, I don’t know yet.But her photo tutorial and description is really good. You should try to read patterns, it is safer than following video’s. Much Luck

      1. Hakadirune

        I think for some people like me, a simple step by step video is useful. As I am moreso a visual learner. :p

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