Flowers in the meadow poncho

poncho_edgeBy the end of September, the flower-in-the-meadow poncho was ready.  I started on 1 July, So it took me me 3 months.

I made 80 flower granny squares to form the poncho, I had to wait with blogging till the poncho was arrived by its new owner. By that time something else was on my mind so it took its time. But the poncho is now arrived and enthusiastic received.  I had a lot of little threads to cut off, the last week. It cost me days. Some details. The yarn is SMC Bravo, 8 colors are used. The bottom edge resembles water and is crocheted as a lavender colored clover edge. The bottom granny have also a lavender or blue outer layers that develop in green and darker green layers to resemble the meadows and woods.

The poncho and grannies are inspired by

Greetings Elzeblaadje
poncho0 poncho1

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