A crafty new Year

muts_skulls2Tonight is the last evening of 2014. Tomorrow a new crafty year will start, So what is on my hooks and needles this evening. First I have to make a cover for our new tablet. So my hook is busy making crochet stitches in a few nice colors of SMC Catania. I am not sure what will come out, but it is nice crocheting again.

On my knitting needles is a shawl for my Sister in law. She wanted a Dragon scale shawl and I am half way down, but it is very slow going on the moment. Lot of stitches, counting and I found out that my technique for knitting on the circular needles is not sufficient. I am having difficulty to purl. My hands won’t do what they have to do.

DSShawlFurthermore their are some U.F.O’s and W.I.P’s on the table, but they have been put away till the new year starts.

The last year I had some 4400 hits and the most popular item was the skull cap.

Have a fine Night and see you in the new year again, Elzeblaadje


2 thoughts on “A crafty new Year

  1. Ellen

    Great to see you had so many hits 😀
    I’m sure the tablet cover will be something colourful and awesome. And I’m very much looking forward to my shawl 😉 It already looks amazing, too bad the purling doesn’t work well for you on the circular needles.
    Have a great New Year’s Eve &
    Best wishes in advance! ❤


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