Hook case

I am starting the year with a new crocheted Hook case. I am very glad with the case, cause all the hooks can be cleared away in the case. For the very big ones I have a hook case made by my sister in law. It is a very big crocheted hook with flowers on it. But for my small and tiny hooks this case wasn’t adequate. The new case was crocheted with cotton. By the first test, the hooks fell through the little gaps in the fabric, so I had to line it. I made a small pouch that suited in the crocheted case and divided it in several tracks in which the hooks can be put. The cover is very tight closed so the hooks can’t fell from the gap between cover and case.

Making this case is not difficult, first you make a small pouch by crocheting sc around a chain of 25. Crochet till the smallest hooks are almost covered, continue with the lid and crochet to and fro, til the height is as high as the biggest hook, change color and continue with the new color till you reach the edge of the pouch, start decreasing on the sides, by crocheting two sc together, When long enough make two buttonholes and crochet another row of sc, fasten off, the pouch is almost done.

Making the lining is also easy. Lay the case on double folded cotton fabric, cut around the case leaving a one cm area free. Sew the upper edge of the front piece, sew the seam between front and back piece. Put the pouch into the case and sew he edge of the lining to the cover, last thing is sewing the edge of the front piece to the edge of the front and finding a few buttons and sewing these on their place

Much fun, Elzeblaadje
hknldetui hknldetui-open


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