Dragon Scale Shawl

ellensshawl3In December and January I was very busy with a difficult lace knitting project: the Dragon Scale Shawl by Denise Plourde. Not that knitting is difficult, but there was a lot of counting and changing threads to do, so I had to be concentrated whenever I was knitting. First I started on the common needles with a single thread, but after a bit of counting I found out that the common needles wouldn’t work and a single thread would mean multiple stitches on the end and hours of knitting. So I started all over with a double thread of Yarn and a circular needle of 7 mm. I worked from the charts in the pattern and after finishing chart A started with chart B, with I repeated 7 times before ending with chart C. Well It worked out very nice as you can see on the pictures. The shawl measures 1.95 m and is very warm. I needed four weeks of hard knitting before I could finish the shawl. For more details you can visit my ravelry page. The pattern is also o be found on ravelry, you can buy it.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



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