Little fairy

It was a busy week. Lots of things to do. Not only in the crafts but also in the real world. One of makingfairiesthe things I made was a little fairy for someone small. It was a nice opportunity to test my own pattern. The yarn I used was Catania fine cotton and the hook 2.0 mm.

This time I made a pair of very small wings with silver yarn. The wings are reinforced with thin bendable iron wire, like flower wire.

I must say I am only using the pattern for guidelines. Each small fairy is unique made. This time I made also a new dress with small flowers.

The flowers a very easy to make. Start with a MR and green or yellow yarn and crochet  8 sc in the ring. Clip the yarn and start wit a nice color for the flower petals. Each petal consist of 1 sc in 1 sc and 2  dc in the next sc, repeat this till end of round. End with a slst and clip the yarn. The flower is ready to be attached to hair or dress.

The hair is single thread wool-acrylic mix. Because of the mass of hair I only made two wings. The hair is sewed unto the head.

I made also panties for the little fairy in the form of two small tree leaves sewn together.

I hope the little receiver will treat this fairy with love and will adore her.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



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