Wedding bunnies

My Stepmother was remarried last week. My present was a pair of bunnies, dressed up as a married couple. The original pattern is made by Alan Dart. I loved the the bunnies at once, so It was clear for me what to make. The bunnies are knitted on two needles. I found the ideal yarn for them in Phildar pronostic plus, a mix yarn of wool and acrylic. It was lots of fun to make the bunnies and dress them. A bit of time went into the bridal bouquet, for embroidery is not my strongest craft. The veil was knitted with an other phldar yarn, Phildar Strass Light. It is a more luxury yarn. The groom was more difficult to make for I had some questions like, how do I sew the feet to the trousers in a nice way. The description of the groom wasn’t very clear on that part. It was also necessary to block the grooms coat before sewing it o the body.  But I succeeded and the result was very nice.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

bruidspaar3bruid2 bruidegom


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