Lily pond CAL part 1- update 2

lilypond_part2cI was not satisfied with my first panel, so I pulled it out and started all over again. Now the panel turned out to be smaller and more conform the design. I also started to make the other panels as well and payed attention for making them in the same size. I have also added a bright blue color, that I missed in the first panel. I still have two panels to finish, but I am more satisfied than before. The picture isn’t quit good, the colors are in real brighter. I am surprised that we started the CAL with this panel, It gives a lot of discussion and is far more difficult to make. Maybe we first had to make some swatches to test our tension and the fabric. It also takes a lot of yarn.  With the blue color I used half a ball of yarn on 4 panels

Greetings Elzeblaadje

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