Sophie Universe CAL part 1

A few SUcal_dl3weeks ago I found the Sophie Universe CAL at The Cal was already a few weeks under way so I had a lot of crocheting  doing to keep up. It costed a month of hard labor before I made all the parts of the Cal. But now I am ready with part 13 and part 14 is under way.

The first three parts of the CAL was already known as the Sophie Mandala.. It was super to make. The Mandala is so colorful and it also resembles a real mandala. Making the rounds let me feel if  I was in a monastery of Buddhist monks. In real the colors are more vivid than the pictures shows.

I am making the Sophie Universe with acrylic. SMC original Bravo is a nice acrylic in many colors and it crochets nice and swift. I had a stash of some skeins, so I could start immediately.  I think it is a beautiful design and you can use it for many purposes.

Greetings, Elzebaadje


5 thoughts on “Sophie Universe CAL part 1

    1. Alice Post author

      Thank you, It was a real challenge, but because the work is so lovely you keep going on for more hours than usually.

    1. Alice Post author

      I used SMC Bravo, It is a nice acrylic yarn with many nice colors. When started i had some colors in my stash already, Make the Sophie Mandala first, when it turned out to be as you like it you can make the bigger garden or Universe 🙂


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