Lily Pond Cal part 2

Lpvierk1It took some time, but the last one of the second squares of the Lily Pond Cal is almost ready. The two in the picture I finished them this afternoon. The square is called the tiny lily. The little lily is shining on the leaves and water of the pond.

I like the design very much and during crocheting I wondered how the lily will look in the soft pink color I have in my stash. I am using some different colors then the recommended colors of Stylecraft. I have chosen for the colors greengage and atlantis and waterfall to replace blue and green. And the lily is not cream , but pure white. The dark green on the photo is greengage and the outer edge is crocheted in atlantis. I Think the colors match really good.

I still have to embroider one square and clip all the threads. Then part 2 is finished, It was not a difficult piece to make, but I had a lot of counting to do to get it right. The blue dc’s that protrudes in the leaves has to be exactly above the flower points. Luckily I had only one square that went wrong.

I wished there was one piece with only lily leaves, I often see the lily flower open in a pile of leaves, floating in the middle of a pond. I would like to float my tiny lilies in a pond full of leaves.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


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