Sophie Universe CAL part 2

SUcal_dl4cThe second part of the Sophie Universe is called the garden. Little flowers are peeping through the stitches. The Mandala becomes a square.

It was very nice to make this square and I liked it so much I didn’t want to go on to the next steps and making the Sophie Universe into a blanket. I hesitated but after ordering some more acrylic I joined the group of crafters who are making the Sophie Universe. I still want some day to make this part again. for it is very nice.

At this moment in the making of the Universe I had to choose also my colors. At first I took what I had in stash and looked nice in combination with the other colors, but in the making of the garden colors begun to repeat. Although there are more colors in my stash I used only fifteen or so for the making of the Sophie Universe. Fifteen is a lot but they look very nice in combination with each other.

The used colors are: white, pink, light lavender, lavender, purple, orange, red, dark red, blue, petrol, light yellow and sunshine, grass green and dark green, sand. On my Ravelry page more information in the project section of the used yarn and colors.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


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