Sophie’s Universe 4

uitbreiding SULast weeks my Sophie’s Universe was hidden in the closet for a while. I had no idea how to go on with the blanket. Should I make the squares of part 19, Jack an Lydia or should I make my own contribution  to the blanket. My head was empty, my hands still. I used the time to make a shawl and to go on with part 4 of the Lily Pond Cal. Furthermore the family also needed some attention. But all came round. After browsing many websites and books, I came upon crocheting a strip of bobble stitches as first band of the extended Sophie’s Universe. Making the bobbles it occurred to me that I had to stay in the garden with Sophie. Behind the gate there are the wild things like trees and mushrooms, slugs and beetles and so on. So I made a drawing of the new rounds and the mushroom central in it. It was just what I needed to go on and so in a few days I made my band with mushrooms and baby-mushrooms. So now my garden is extended with the wild woods. The bobbles turned out to be berries. What will come next, I don’t know on the moment. I am thinking of dragonflies, beetles and snails.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


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