After Sophie’s Universe

grannies3My mind and hands were empty after my  Sophie’s Universe was completed. What to do? How fill the gap? After three months hard labor to craft a design blanket I needed some rest. Well there was the Lily Pond Cal waiting, but I am not so enthusiastic about this Cal as about the Sophie’s Universe blanket. My pen friend Ellen, tried me to cheer up by posting several Cals, but it was not the same. One day I decided it was time to clear my table and make an investigation of all my w.i.p.’s and other stranded projects. So looking through boxes of yarn, counting my stash and sorting my work-projects, I found an old project of grannies. The grannies were finished, even the threads were cleared away, but the grannies were not sewn together and there was not an use for them. Suddenly I liked the idea of making the grannies into some thing, maybe a bag or a cushion cover or something else. And so I started. This time I crocheted the grannies onto each other. It was my first time doing this. It turned out to becoming very nice and beautiful. Now I am struggling to make from the grannies a bag, but that is another story.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

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