Granny bag

All grannies of my old project from a long time ago are transformed into a bag, a granny bag. The grannies are crocheted to each other Anabag2and a small border of white and red cotton is crocheted around the grannies. 16 granny squares on each side.

It was the first time I crocheted grannies to each other. Luckily there are some real good blogs and video’s on this subject. I used the zipper method, only I did it wrong, so the zipper came on the backside of my grannies. I discovered this a bit too late to start all over again, so I let it be. The border was made withAnabag4 a relief single crochet stitch or back post single crochet stitch. It gives a nice effect.

With red cotton yarn I made a shoulder handle. It is reinforced with some package cord. The used yarn is SMC catania cotton in many colors.

In the bag I made a lining of red soft cotton fabric. I sewed 2 pockets unto the lining, one with a zipper. The bag is closed also with a zipper.

The bag was a gift to a dear lady friend of mine. She was very content with the bag. Red is her favorite color, so the bag suited her well.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


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