After Sophie’s Universe 2

I am a little bit behind with posting, The Sophie’s Universe is ready. I have washed it and put it on my bed. ItSU_fin3 sleeps wonderful warm. But there are 2 parts of the Sophie I wanted to write about. In the picture you can see both parts. First the extension of the Sophie and second the border.

Th extension of the Sophie was made because I didn’t wanted to make more grannies. I have so many granny projects on my hands now a day that another would be too much, so I made an extension of my own for the Sophie. My first idea was, the Sophie is a garden and the diamond band is the framing of the garden, behind the frame there is the wild forest and woodlands and in my extensions I wanted that to symbolize. If you go beyond the gate, you find the woods, with berry plants, with toadstools and mushrooms, you find the leaves of the trees and the wild flowers. It all goes wild  in the end.

In the borer you find a wall of blue stones, more wild flowers, blue skies and little plants, and in the end the horizon of an setting sun. And so my Sophie’s Universe voyage has almost ended. Almost because I will write the border and extension in a pattern, just like the butterfly band.

I hope you all enjoyed my voyage into the wild beyond the Sophie’s Universe, Elzeblaadje

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