Lily pond panel 6

The last part of the Lily Pond Cal was part 6, a panel with waves, stripes and also bobble stitches, it is finished. It took more time than estimated, due to the fact that I had to frog a panel, for it was too small. Luckily it was only 7 rows high. After that I did each row simultaneously, on each panel. It turned out to be the end of the color fern/spring green. I have only a small ball left.

I liked the pattern of this panel. It gives a nice structure and it looks like waves of water. On the panel I have also crocheted the sides with teal/petrol. It should now be an easy job to crochet the panels to the squares. But first there are a lot of threads to get rid of. Maybe I block the panels and squares after that or  wait till the blanket is finished and block the whole blanket then. For now I take a break and crochet on another project.

Nice weekend, ElzeblaadjeLPCal_part6

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