Autumn shawl

Between the big projects, I like it, to have an easy job with straight forward crochet or knitting. It is nice to work on such a project while listening to radio or television. Just counting and swinging the hook or the needles. No difficult thinking to do, just let the hands do their work. So while I worked  on the Lily Pond, joining the squares and panels I also was working on an Autumn shawl. I had found a nice colored yarn, with exactly the colors you see mostly in the fall. And it was also nice to crochet, for the design of this scallop shawl is an easy and pretty design. Some people call it the virus shawl. It is no clear who is the designer, some claim it on Ravelry, but the design is much older.  So I can not give you a link to the design, for I am not sure who is the owner, but the pattern is easily to find. Although I liked the shawl very much, I wasn’t keeping it. So I gave it away. My SIL is very happy with the nice warm scallop shawl. Oh the yarn I used is a very popular yarn in my country, you can find the details on Ravelry, see link in the right corner of my blog.

Have a nice weekend, Elzeblaadje

herfstshawl herfstshawl_det


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