Cushion cover

The circles of the sun cotscal-ready2stripessquares are assimilated in a cushion cover. I have joined the squares with the zipper method, so you get a nice rim between the squares. My niece wanted some cushion covers, so the first was ready. For the second I used the leftover yarns of the Cal. For the Cal I used 6 colors of SMC Bravo to make the squares. Now the two cushions have the same coloring The second cushion cover is striped. I used  some nice stitches to make a nice effect. I used bobble stitches and Catherine wheels, made a line with hearts and in between a line of dots. The backside of the cushion covers is yellow fleece and they are closed with some wooden buttons from my stash. The orange dots are easy to make, you need 3 colors yarn. first make a band with color 1 and crochet 1 sc, ch 1 sk 1, repeat till end. Crochet the same stitches with color 2 but now the sc is made in the chain-space of color 1. With color 3 you crochet a row of 2 sc in each chain-space of color 2, skip the sc of color 2.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

7 thoughts on “Cushion cover

    1. Alice Post author

      Hallo Vagabon Velda, I have thought it over, and awards are not my thing, so you can remove me from your list. I think it is great that you find my blog inspirational. I blog mainly to keep track of my projects and to have a board for my designs. Thank you very much for the nomination.

      1. Vagabon Velda's

        Your welcome, I think your blog is great and I also understand where you are coming from on the award. Thank you for taking the time to check it out.

        Write On, Hook On

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