My Julia scarf

juliasjaal1Sometimes a pattern or picture is so nice, you want to make it. That happened with me with the Julia scarf from Catherine Roujansky. I liked the scarf and its expression and impression it made. Because of summer and big projects, I was also in need of an easy project for the evenings. So I started with the scarf one summer evening. But it was not going smooth at all, the pattern was easy to comprehend and rather fast to crochet, but the decreasing went wrong. I mostly read my patterns on my tablet, for printing is expensive and cost paper. So I think it went wrong in this process. I thought I was on the right track but after some time it occurred to me I wasn’t decreasing fast enough. Studying the pattern I saw my mistake. I was very disappointed for I had made a lot of progress and doing it all over was tough. So the project became hibernated for a few months.

But this week I was clearing my work basket and found all kinds of hibernated projects . So I made it my intention tot finish one or two of this projects. It became the Julia scarf. Looking good to my work, I found out that although i Had made a mistake the scarf itself could be finished, with no problem at all. All I needed was a skein of cotton and some beads and a few hours of work. And so it went. The scarf is finished and although the summer is over, there will be a next summer in a year or so. And the scarf will find a way to be wear by me or someone else.

The scarf is made from SMC Catania cotton color cream. It took 3 skeins, I used hook 3 and 2.5 and I used 64 white beads. I made some small adjustments to the hanging border and used 2 beads instead of 3.



juliasjaal2Greetings Elzeblaadjejuliasjaal4

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