Booklet cover

boekjesomslag3aFor my art-journal of 2016 I made a cover with Katia Jaipur nr 205. I used half a skein.

The pattern of the booklet cover (A6) is ( ch1, 1 sc) repeat and end with 1ch.

Cast on 50 ch and hook 2 or more rows of sc. Start with the pattern, but on begin and end of each row hook 4 sc. For the front and back edge of the cover hook 2-4 rows of sc. End also with 2 rows of sc, Crochet an edge with the pattern around the cover, 2 rows of the pattern will do. Fold the flaps inside and crochet them together. Crochet 2 ch of 50 stitches and attach them to the front an back flap, see pictures

The booklet cover is also fixed with some elastic through the rings of the booklet.

The ginger breadman is a gift from my SIL,

Greetings Elzeblaadje



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