David Bowie doll

dbpop7A great man has died. I will honor him with a special blog about the David Bowie doll project. In 2014 I knitted this special doll. Read about it in David Bowie doll project. It was a special project for a client, who is a great fan of the musician and his music. She is inconsolable about his depart. I hope my special blog will sheer her up a bit. My client is very handy with he hook but  not with the knitting needles. So she asked me to make her a doll, resembling David Bowie. For me it was a fun project, because i discovered that there were a lot of knitted costumes and outfits. In my enthousiasme I made several outfits for the doll. My client made him a guitar. The pattern of the doll is not mine, but easy to make. From the outfits are no patterns available, but maybe you are inspired to make your own David Bowie Fan doll for someone who loves the music.

Greetings Elzeblaadjedbpop5davidBpop1dbpop4

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