In Discworld (a book serie by Terry Pratchett) a pixie folk is living, known as the wee ffeeglemanree man or Feegles. The pictsies, as they are called, are in the books 6 inch long and have a blue colored skin. The blue is a result of many tattoos. They all have orange-red hair. The tattoos identify there clans. They are all male and very strong. They spend their time drinking and fighting and doing things that are forbidden in the world.

I made some amigurumi Feegles and the pattern of the main Feegle man is to be found under pattern and so >> discworld . All other Feegles are variations on the same pattern, just add a round for a longer Feegle or a stitch less in the head rounds for a smaller head. I like to use my imagination to make up the other Feegles and their clothes and attributes. It is more fun  in this way. The Feegles are 10 – 12 cm high (4-5 inch) and made of blue and orange cotton yarn.

I hope you enjoy much the making of Feegles as I did.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



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