Secret garden blanket 1

I am almost ready crocheting my Secret Garden blanket. I have to make an edge now to finish the blanket. I will reveal in a few blogs  some details of the Secret Garden.

The first part I made was the pond. My idea was to shoSG_pond1w the ripples and waves on the water, so I made a rectangle piece of blue and white yarn. (see picture) I used all kinds of stitches to give the pond a watery effect.

The yarn where some leftover balls of the Sophie’s Universe Blanket from last year. I ordered some more balls and used also some stash yarn of an other brand. On my Ravelry page you can find the yarns I used. I am still in love with the colors of the SMC Bravo, which will be most used in the blanket.

Mostly I write down what I have done, about the different parts of the blanket, so I can later on make a design note, although I don’t know if there is interest in my small blanket or the design.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

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