Mandala Madness 2

The second part of my Mandala Madness is completed. It was for me a total surprise to see theMMCAL2-2 star, the Mandala is transforming too, in this part of the Cal. I hadn’t expected it to happen. It was also difficult for me to choose the colors in this round. I have finally repeated the licht green of the center piece, in the first rounds. it is Colour Crafter yarn. For the rounds around the leaves I choose salmon and for the last round I choose an even more lighter greenish yarn also from Colour Crafter yarn. The little light green leaves are now clear in view. The last round was a tiresome round to make. I hope I haven’t made mistakes in it. I am not in te mood to repeat the round. The inner corners I found a bit sloppy, but maybe there is a solution in the following rounds, I haven’t seen the description of these rounds yet, only some pictures on facebook and to my surprise the star becomes round again and changes in a big flower. The Mandala Madness piece is already large enough to make in a cushion, but seen the third part, I expect also to crochet this piece and form a round cushion cover of it.

Greetings ElzeblaadjeMMCAL2-1

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