Frida’s Flowers Cal – part 1

Well, Frida’s Flowers Cal is on its way. Tuesday the first pattern was released and everybody is crocheting very hard to make the 8 pieces that will form in due time the start of the  blaFFCAL1bnket. I have already finished  the 8 pieces. There were 4 central pieces with a flower resembling the cosmos flower on top. It is in my case a white flower with green heart. In the other 4 pieces, half the size of the larger ones. I have made a light pink flower with another color green heart (lime). This time the work on the pieces was not very difficult. But there was a lot of counting to do to give the pieces their hexagonal form. My pieces are not blocked yet and the last thread is still hanging from the patch. I use them often to sew the pieces together or it is easy to frog in case something isn’t correct. The pieces are almost 20 cm width. I made them with hook 4 and 3.5 and Stylecraft special DK, colors plum, white, meadow, soft pink and lime. For the color plum I needed 1 ball or 105 gr. For the other colors you need only a tiny bit of material.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

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