Reviving my Bear project

berenboekA few years ago when I was in knitting modus, I knitted several bears, but the last one never made the world. He was put away in a bag and forgotten. But a while ago I found the bear and put her together, but again I had not the time and the spirit to finish the bear. I think it is a forgot-me bear.

The original pattern is from the book “Teddy Bears” from Debbie Bliss. She wrote a real nice book with patterns about bears. I used the pattern of the bear on the cover for my bear.

June 2016 I found the bear in its bag and used it for a photo-shoot. And surprise, surprise I was in the mood to finish the bear and this time I succeeded. Luckily I made a copy of the pattern, because the book isn’t anymore in my possession.

Although the pattern was difficult to translate in dutch, I still made something that looked like a bear. I changed the pattern a little bit so I had less seams to sew together.

beer5The bear is the last of a serie of bears  I knitted. I call her Miss Bear, because she is a real big bear. She is as big as a newborn baby (48 cm). I knitted the bear with the color brown from SMC Bravo on needles 4.0 mm. The color is not available any more, but there are other browns in their collection. I have, pity enough, no photo’s from the other bears, but they all found a loving home.

For Miss Bear I made also a set of clothes. First a pant, and second a sweater and hat. Well that is the story of the forgot-me-bear “Miss Bear”. About the clothes I shall make an other blog in due time.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

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