Frida’s Flowers Cal – part 5

FFpart5Yesterday, I finished part 5 of the Frida’s Flowers Blanket. It was a nice flower this time and not too easy. I am a bit behind in making the blanket. Tomorrow part 7 will be released and I am still half way part 6. Well because the time between the releases is two weeks, I did a lot of other projects and so I lost some interest in the blanket. The other projects were also nice to do and had to be finished. I also had a lot of trouble to make a nice FFpart5_detpicture of this piece. The colors of the flowers and leaves in the pictures are not as vivid as in reality.

There were no great difficulties in the making of this part. The center of the flower is again a serie of popcorn stitches. The flower petals make a ring of hearts around the puff stitches. You have to count a bit and make no mistakes in hooking the last round of the flower. I think the hearts would have been more extend if they were in one color. Now the band of contrasting color distracts from the heart form..

I like the leaves underneath the flower, they make the flower more brilliant. To construct the leaves you have to make a framework with teal. How to do this is already showed in other pieces, although this framework is a bit more difficult and consist of two ch 4 and 1 double dc, all in the same sc and chains between them. The remaining rounds of part 5 are repeating the rounds in earlier pieces.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje



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